MPMPStudio is collaborating with Sofarsounds Malmö filming and taking photos of concerts.

SofarSounds Malmö

Back in August 2018, MPMPStudio was contacted by Sofarsounds Malmö to film and photograph the performances. Sofarsounds is a volunteer way to spread music and promote artists in your local area. It’s a network that exists all over the world and is contained within one Youtube channel.
Every month is a different challenge for us since artists and locations are kept hidden until a few hours before. Until today (May-2019) we have proudly filmed, edited, color-corrected and audio processed 27 Live music videos.


2019 - May

Jordan Jackson, Preach Baby, Ester Berg

2018 - December

Ashtyn Barbaree, Linnéa Samoa Khalil, Dennis Hollstrom and the Ponies

2018 - October

2018 - August

Sofia Landgren, Torsi, Windows & Stones


2019 - April

Shirin, Maja Johansson, Mt. Weibull

2018 - November

2018 - September

Åkervinda, Alex Gibson, Colorcoded